2020 Cruise Flyer It’s full steam ahead for the 2020 Far Western District Fall Convention Cruise aboard the Carnival Imagination, leaving Long Beach on Thursday, October 8 and returning Sunday, October 11. Folks from all over the country are buzzing about this unprecedented event, and we’re anticipating that there will be a large contingent of barbershop enthusiasts coming from near and far to join us for what is sure to be the biggest party ever. Quartet Semifinals will be held on Thursday night, the Chorus Contest and Quartet Finals will be on Friday, and Saturday is set aside to play in Ensenada on the beach, in the water and on-board ship, with the Show of Champions on Saturday night. You can watch the competitions and shows in the theater or on closed-circuit TV in the lounge. Wow!


In order for the Far Western District to take control of the ship, we need to have everyone book their cruise through Donna Hisey, our official agent on this cruise. You will also miss out on the additional perks that our group will receive. If you are worried about Carnival points, you will still get all your points by booking through Donna.

If you already did your booking through Carnival, please contact Donna ASAP, and she will advise you on how to switch over to the Far Western District group.

Donna's contact info appears below.

We realize you might be hesitant to put down your deposit and commit to an event so far away, especially if you don’t know if your quartet or chorus is going to quality. We’ve solved that problem! It’s an Open Contest. Everyone in Harmony! Any FWD Chorus or Quartet, mixed or unisex, who WANTS to perform/compete is eligible. That’s it: you’re in! The only condition is that you need to enter and perform/compete in your spring divisional competition, which is a great opportunity to sing before a large, enthusiastic audience and get high-quality coaching on your performance to make October’s performance even more fun.

We need you to put your (refundable) deposit down now. There are plenty of great cabins set aside for the District but they will be released to the general public in February so get your berth now. Whether you are a competitor or just someone who enjoys a barbershop good time, we need you to act now to reserve your cabin and make sure you don’t miss out. We can have up to four people in the cabins which really reduces the cost. We have a spot for you and your friends and family. This is going to be a party you won’t soon forget. This will be awesome!

In addition to our quartet and chorus contests, and other convention activities, the ship provides a host of activities for all ages, with stage shows, live entertainment, comedy acts, dancing, movies, casino, mini-golf, fitness center, and more. You can lounge by the pool or take a splash on the water slide, and for the ultimate in relaxation you can pamper yourself with a trip to the spa. There are numerous activities for kids, and a serenity adult-only retreat for those who prefer to enjoy some quiet time.

Some people have wondered about the cost. Carnival Cruise Lines has sharpened their pencil and given us great rates because they want this to be a big success. Since “lodging” includes all your food, this three-night cruise is actually cheaper than staying three nights at one of our normal FWD hotels. Note: Everyone attending the convention will need to register in advance as a competitor or non-competitor at the new and very reasonable rates.

Be a part of history! In addition to being on the first-ever district convention at sea, you will also be attending first-ever INTERNATIONAL district convention! People often refer to the FWD Fall Convention as the "Mini-International" ... this time we mean it quite literally!

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Carnival Imagination Deck PlanDownload the Deck Plan Unlike hotels, cruise ships book far in advance. Also unlike hotels, prices are PER PERSON, not per room; this is because amenities and all meals are included. The Far Western District has locked in group pricing on 500 cabins based on double occupancy. For those on a budget, you can book for three or even four to share a cabin.

A deposit is all it takes to get started

In order to secure your passage, you need to make your booking NOW and secure it with a fully refundable deposit.

icon adaBooking NOW is especially true for those who require ambulatory accessible accommodations, as there are a limited number of cabins available.

The amount of the deposit varies by the type of cabin and the number of persons. And remember, the total price includes accommodations, all meals, amenities, cruise fare, taxes, port fees and gratuities. Once your refundable deposit is made, you can pay the rest on installments, so by the time you come on board it will be a done deal, so you can relax and have fun on the cruise and convention.

The first 500 cabins booked will receive a complimentary bottle of wine and an invitation to a cocktail party (age permitting), hosted by the cruise line. We are also coming up with some additional prizes for the first to pay their fare in full.

Download the deck plan to find the location of the various cabin categories that are available, then find the price in the table below. The table row colors match the cabin colors on the deck plan for your convenience.

Total Cabin Price, Price Per Person, and Deposit Per Person
As of 01-June-2019
Category 2 Persons per cabin 3 Persons per cabin 4 Persons per cabin
  Total Cabin Price* Price Per Person* Deposit Per Person* Total Cabin Price* Price Per Person* Deposit Per Person* Total Cabin Price* Price Per Person* Deposit Per Person*
Interior 4B $854.98 $427.49 $146.00 $1,107.51 $369.17 $117.00 $1,359.96 $339.99 $104.00
Interior 4C $864.98 $432.49 $150.00 $1,117.47 $372.49 $119.00 $1,369.96 $342.49 $105.00
Interior 4D $874.98 $437.49 $152.00 $1,127.46 $375.82 $121.00 $1,379.96 $344.99 $106.00
Interior 4E $924.98 $462.49 $155.00 $1,177.47 $392.49 $123.00 $1,429.96 $357.49 $107.00
Ocean View 6B $954.98 $477.49 $172.00 $1,207.47 $402.49 $135.00 $1,459.96 $364.99 $116.00
Ocean View 6C $964.98 $482.49 $175.00 $1,217.49 $405.83 $136.00 $1,469.96 $367.49 $117.00
Ocean View 6D $984.98 $492.49 $177.00 $1,237.47 $412.49 $138.00 $1,489.96 $372.49 $118.00
Ocean View 6E $1,024.98 $512.49 $180.00 $1,293.48 $431.16 $140.00 $1,549.44 $387.36 $120.00
Junior Suite $1,916.98
n/a n/a n/a
Grand Suite $2,316.98

*The total starting prices shown include: Accommodations, Meals, Amenities, Cruise Fare, Taxes, Port Fees and Gratuities. The group fares are locked in for double occupancy. Adding 3rd or 4th guests will reflect the current fares. The sooner cabins are booked with 3rd or 4th guests, the better the fare.

Passengers booking as a single will be charged for two deposits and cruise fares. 

Deposits are 100% Refundable until February 11, 2020

Contact Donna Hisey to make your booking deposit
(714) 801-7674 • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

OR ... Use the form below to schedule a time for Donna to call you.

Contact Information

Schedule your call

Booking information


Inquire with Donna about optional Vacation Protection Insurance - includes Trip Cancellation, Travel Insurance, and 24/7 Worldwide Travel Assistance.  For more information visit www.carnival.com/about-carnival/vacation-protection.

Convention registration is not included in the cruise fare.

A current passport is recommended. Proof of citizenship required for re-entry to the U.S.

U.S. citizens can sail on U.S. cruises with ports of call in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and Caribbean that start and end in the same U.S. port (called a closed loop cruise) if you have some notarized documentation even if you don’t have a passport.

In lieu of a passport you’ll need an original or notarized copy of your government-issued birth certificate and a government-issued photo ID, such as a driver’s license.

That being said, having a passport card or passport book is the most straightforward way to ensure you can get on your cruise without any hassle, but it’s not your only option for these types of cruises.

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