Northwest Cable Car Chorus
Christ Church Lutheran
1090 Quintara Street (between 19th & 20th Avenues)
San Francisco CA 94116



Fred Heuser, Chapter Secretary


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Barbershop is about fun, fellowship and singing. Our promise is that if you come visit or choose to join; you will get plenty of all three and a whole lot more. We have members from their teens to in their seventies-but ya wouldn't know it if I didn't just tell ya! Our evening consists of vocal warmups ... chorus singing ... a mid evening break followed by a weekly quartet show. If you didn't feel like you sang enough; you went to the wrong place. WE DO SING. Let us help put a smile on your face and songs in your heart. We proudly boast divisional championships for our size chorus over many years. We were chartered in 1945 and are still going strong. Please, come try us on for size.


See the "Location" page on our web site.

VISITORS: Need a Ride? Call Charles Feltman at 510-OLD-SONG.