Southwest Coastliners
Salvation Army Community Center
125 W Beryl Street
Redondo Beach CA 90277



John Upp, Chapter Secretary


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"To have fun by singing well", describes the South Bay Chapter. We have about 50 members at each Wednesday Chapter meeting and promote a competitive chorus (Plateau A Champions and 5th place in the 2010 Far Western District competition)and active quarteting. Our main thrust this year is to increase the number of active quartets in the chapter.

We have an annual show in February that is unique in presentation and is eagerly looked forward to by the local community.

Our director, Pete Neushul, is well known in the society and enjoys the respect of the entire membership.


Pacific Coast Hwy n/s, turn west on Beryl Ave. Proceed west 3 short blocks to Catalina Ave. Salvation Army Home is on NW corner of Beryl and Catalina.