Arizona Yuma Territorial Prisonaires
Gloria De Christo Lutheran Church
11445 East 40th St
Fellowship Hall
Yuma AZ 85367


7:00 PM

Larry Lickfelt


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Hello, and welcome to the Yuma Prisonaires Barbershop Chorus. If you enjoy singing with other men, participating in some wonderful harmonies and learning timeless Barbershop Style, this is the place to be. We practice weekly throughout the year and have occasional sing outs when we perform at different venues around town. Our Director is Frank Durham who provides leadership, fosters an excellent learning environment and works hard to tickle our funny bones as often as possible.

Who can participate:

If you are male and have an interest in singing, and have some musical ability, we would love to see you at one of our Tuesday night practices, so that we can introduce you to the joys and fellowship of singing in close harmony. You do not have to read music or have a singing background. With some practice and commitment you will be able to sing in tune with the group, perform your part and possibly sing in a quartet. Winter visitors are very welcome. If you are not sure which part you sing, you will be given assistance to determine this.


We meet at Gloria De Cristo Lutheran Church, 11273 East 40th Street, Yuma, Arizona, 85367, Tuesday evenings from 7:00 to 9:00. Many of our members meet afterwards for a social gathering.

Sing outs:

As you progress, are able to sing with the other members of the group, and learn the songs, you will be able to participate in our performances in the community. It is highly rewarding to hear the positive feedback from our audiences, and to realize the fruits of our practice sessions.


For sing outs we do have a basic uniform which consists of black dress trousers, black shoes and socks and a blue long sleeved shirt with French stripes. Occasionally we wear black bow ties. The shirts are available locally and you will be provided more information on this should you decide to join our Chorus. There are some circumstances where we might choose a different uniform.


In addition to the director, our chapter has a president and an executive, and there are numerous positions available which help our group operate as efficiently as possible. We also have district and international structures, which support Barbershop and promote growth and learning. There are some nominal fees for membership. Taking an active role in the operation of our chapter supports the spirit of Barbershop and gives each member a much broader knowledge of the workings of our organization.


The music will be provided to you. Many of the songs we sing are recognized worldwide and are performed by every Barbershop group around the world. In addition each chapter adds many songs of it’s own choice, which we obtain through our national organization. If you attend only to determine if you wish to participate, you will be provided with a guest songbook so you can participate in a couple of practice sessions before you decide if this is for you. Guest books will be provided, and must be returned at the end of each practice session so they can be updated for the next week. Once you make the decision to continue you will be provided with more music. Often the director might choose to rehearse a song that is not in the guest book. In this case, another member will share with you.

Information Sharing:

Minutes of each weekly meeting are recorded and e-mailed to each member every week. An attendance roster is also taken each week for club records. We also have a Facebook site at

Contact person/Greeter:

Members of our chorus are very helpful. Many have been with us for quite some time and are very knowledgeable. We will endeavor to assign a contact person to you who will brief you about the nuances of our organization, and who will be able to answer your questions.


Your questions are important to ensure that you have a sound understanding of Barbershop and how you can grow as a Barbershopper. We ask that your questions be directed to the greeter assigned to you or to one of the other members of the chorus and they will find out the answer for you if they do not have it at their fingertips. We ask this, as it is difficult for our director, as willing as he is, to direct the chorus and answer all enquiries as well.

We hope this gives you an insight into our chorus.

We look forward to harmonizing with you. It’s great to be a Barbershopper.