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v2.0 1/25/15

Below is a list of documents culled from the Barbershop Harmony Society web site, many of which have been used in past COTS or Leadership Academy forums. All of it is worth reading, but it would be impossible to deliver all of this content in a one day Leadership Academy.

For that reason, I structured my 2012-2015 FWD Leadership Academy President’s class as primarily an interactive forum. The highest value in getting a bunch of Presidents in a room together comes from the ability to talk with each other rather than from the delivery of static content from a slide deck which could simply be read later.

You’ll notice that the presentation that I actually use in that forum (file #2 below) is only 17 slides, and content on those slides is sparse. The slides, and what I say about them during the forum, is only a starting point for the discussion which ensues during each slide. That presentation essentially fills up the three hour morning session, while the afternoon session started with the 2014 Society Aims presentation, followed by an open ended round table the rest of the afternoon where the Presidents could bring up any particular challenges (or successes) they were facing for discussion.

I’m going to try and find time to put together two voiceovers for my slides and publish it to YouTube. One will be delivery of the things I normally say for each slide when I’m delivering the presentation, and the other will be more of a train the trainer version which goes into why I chose those topics to discuss and what I hope to achieve by discussing them in the forum.

Allan Webb
2015 FWD President


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pdf 2014 BHS SBOD Aims ( pdf, 161 KB ) (521 downloads) Popular
pdf 2015 FWD Leadership Academy Presidents ( pdf, 417 KB ) (579 downloads) Popular
pdf 20th Century US Generations ( pdf, 727 KB ) (641 downloads) Popular
pdf Basic Resources Available to Chapter Presidents ( pdf, 62 KB ) (443 downloads) Popular
pdf BHS Branding Slogan ( pdf, 551 KB ) (552 downloads) Popular
pdf Board Roles Responsibilities BHS ( pdf, 339 KB ) (549 downloads) Popular
pdf Chapter Pres-Sec-Treas Guide at a Glance ( pdf, 391 KB ) (655 downloads) Popular
pdf CONSOLIDATED PPT Instructor ( pdf, 2.09 MB ) (694 downloads) Popular
pdf Developing Leadership ( pdf, 50 KB ) (472 downloads) Popular
pdf Final CVP Report 03 2013 ( pdf, 15.60 MB ) (694 downloads) Popular
pdf FWD Analysis by Division ( pdf, 40 KB ) (453 downloads) Popular
pdf Generational Differences 45m presentation ( pdf, 858 KB ) (666 downloads) Popular
document ReadMe Index ( txt, 3 KB ) (504 downloads) Popular
pdf Society Operations Manual 02 24 12 ( pdf, 798 KB ) (608 downloads) Popular
pdf Succession Planning Mentoring with notes ( pdf, 1.23 MB ) (600 downloads) Popular
pdf Working with Volunteers with notes ( pdf, 241 KB ) (542 downloads) Popular