The Arizona Division is "Division 5" of the Far Western District Association of Chapters.  For many years it was known as the Arizona, Southern Nevada, Southern Utah Division (AZSoNVSoUT) when it included regions of Nevada and Utah, but in recent years those regions were moved over to the Southeast Division.  Nowadays, unlike the other divisions, whose areas are defined by various counties and latitudes, the geographical area of the Arizona Division is simple — The State of Arizona — and it's acronym was equally simplified: AZ.

The first chapter to be chartered was the Phoenix Saguaro Chapter (D-002) in March 1943 — three and a half years before the Far Western District came into being. Phoenix also held the first "Parade of Quartets" in the West on May 21, 1943. The chapter was later renamed the Greater Phoenix Chapter for a variety of reasons, including the fact that many Emcees had trouble pronouncing "saguaro."

The Arizona Division holds a convention in the spring, with competitions held for choruses and quartets from the chapters within the Division. Those contestants scoring enough points qualify to compete in the District Contests in the fall.

Another popular event is the annual "Summer Bash" held each August.  Friday night features a parade of quartets, with proceeds going to support high school music programs within the division.  Saturday morning bursts into action with the annual "Desert Knights Memorial Golf Tournament." The afternoon offers an opportunity to learn and sing new tags. Saturday evening features a buffet banquet and entertainment kicking off with a "Luck of the Draw" quartet contest, followed by a Novice Quartet contest and Chapter "VLQ" (Very Large Quartet) contest. It's a great weekend of fun and singing.

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