Lloyd Steinkamp Endowment Fund for FWD Harmony Camps

Double Match Challenge

The primary purpose of weekend long Harmony Camps is to introduce a cappella barbershop harmony singing to high school age boys. The Lloyd Steinkamp Endowment Fund for FWD Harmony Camps will provide supplemental financial support, in perpetuity, for FWD Harmony Camps.

Lloyd Steinkamp was a true giant in the Far Western District and it was Lloyd who created the concept of Harmony Camp. The first camp was in 1996 in Southern California at Camp Wrightwood near San Bernardino. It is my understanding that this was the first Harmony Camp not only in the FWD but in the nation.

Initially all funds donated to the Endowment Fund will be used to build the capital of the fund toward an initial goal of $200,000. Once the Fund balance achieves this initial goal, withdrawals may commence consistent with the policies of the Sacramento Region Community Foundation. Currently these policies allow a withdrawal of no more than 4% per year. As the Fund continues to grow, the prime recipient of withdrawals from the Fund is the FWD Youth Harmony Camp in Northern California. The overall goal for the Fund is $400,000, at which point the FWD Board will become the executors of the available withdrawals from the Fund and the purpose of the Fund will expand to incorporate the entire FWD Youth Movement.

A major donor has stepped up to “double” match contributions of $400 or less through 2018. Sometimes we have a cause we believe in but feel that our small contribution will not make much of a difference. With this “double” match challenge your donation will really make a difference. For example you donation of $100 will be matched with $200 so that you are “causing” $300 to be donated to the Fund.

Our choice to create an Endowment Fund with the Sacramento Region Community Foundation, a large Northern California Community Foundation means that all contributed funds are off limits for spending, and only earnings are available for spending to support operations of the camp. This old barbershopper will certainly be around for a few more years; but the goal is to provide financial support for Far Western District Camps for as long as there are young boys who benefit from them! For additional information on Harmony Camp please see Youth Harmony Camp.

Donations may be sent to Sacramento Region Community Foundation, 955 University Ave. Suite A, Sacramento, CA 95825 noting Steinkamp Fund in the memo portion of your check. You may also make arrangements to donate an amount each month.

If you prefer, you can make your donation online — a one-time donation or a monthly, quarterly, or annually recurring donation — and charge it conveniently to your credit card.

  1. Click on GIVE NOW below. This will connect you with the Sacramento Region Community Foundation website's online donations form.
  2. At the "Please use my donation for" drop down list, select "Lloyd Steinkamp Endowment".


Please contact Richard Lund if you have questions or would like additional information.

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