logo aic smLAS VEGAS, July 8, 2017 — Main Street, a quartet from Florida's Sunshine District (SUN) has captured the Gold Medal and the title of 2017 International Champion.

Established in 2011, Main Street quartet harkens back to the traditional style of barbershop harmony with soft shoe dance, slapstick routines and nostalgic songs – tipping their hat to the performances from turn of the century song and dance men. Whether it’s the waltz clog, a silly one-liner or a tender ballad of romance, a typical Main Street show will pay respect to the creative singers, dancers and humorists who blazed the trail in entertaining audiences around the world.

With a shine on their shoes, a snap in their spats and a twirl of the hat... “…you’ve got a date with Main Street.”

Mainstreet consists of:

  • Roger Ross, tenor
  • Tony De Rosa, lead
  • Mike McGee, baritone
  • Myron Whittlesey, bass

The top five quartets were, as follows:

  1. Main Street (SUN) - 8354 – 92.8%
  2. Signature (SUN) - 8329) – 92.5%
  3. After Hours (ILL) - 8199 – 91.1%
  4. Throwback (SUN) - 8149 – 90.5%
  5. Quorum (JAD) - 8057 – 89.5%

The two quartets representing the Far Western District, Artistic License and The Newfangled Four, finished 8th and 9th, respectively.

  pdf See the Top 10 Scoresheet (26 KB)

The Quartet Finals is the final major event of the Barbershop Harmony Society's International Convention, a week of shows, contests, and education for more the 5,000 guests from around the world. For more information, see www.barbershop.org

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