Leadership Academy

NorCal Leadership Academy will be November 18, 2017 at St Marks United Methodist, 2391 St Marks Way, Sacramento.

Classes will include:

  • President (Ken Martin)
  • Secretary (Corley Phillips)
  • Treasurer (Rich Owen)
  • Music & Performance (Ron Black)
  • Show Planning & Production (Bruce Sellnow & Melanie Callagher)

as well as Quartet Coaching.

Chris Rimple from the Evergreen District will be joining us to offer: "Building Your Audience" and "Do Less and Sing More". Chris will also hold a roundtable for discussion of "Issues in your Chapter".

The cost is $50 per person. Lunch is provided.

 Saturday, November 18, 2017, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

 St Mark's United Methodist Church • 2391 St Marks Way, Sacramento, CA 95864

Register now for NorCal Leadership Academy, and we will contact you about your course preferences.





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