Far Western District gives the gift of song

We have a lot to be proud of in the Far Western District: International Champions, outstanding Chapters and the best Barbershoppers in the World. One measure of all Barbershoppers is their heart. None are bigger than those in the Far West. The contributions given to support and expand vocal music have been incredible. We sponsor youth camps and workshops all over the west. We invite other groups to sing on our shows. We reach out to educators to help with their programs. We give generously of our time and money.

The Harmony Foundation is one way to share and the Far Western District leads the way in donations. Here is a three year average:

  • Total # of FWD Donors: 504 (out of 2,063 current members)
  • Total Annual Giving from FWD Donors: $646,142.00 per year

If you are not currently giving and strongly feel that your life has benefitted by belonging to the BHS and are interested in making a small tax-deductible donation back to an organization dedicated to preserving this “hobby” for generations to come, I urge you to make a donation at any level. Here is the link … Harmony Foundation

What many of you don’t realize is you can choose to have up to 30% of your donation passed on to your Chapter and/or your District to support local programs.

Currently our FWD members donate about $650,000 to HFI but only $48,000 comes back to the chapters or to your FWD. If all the current donors took advantage of the 30% allowed for donor’s choice that could be $195,000. Just imagine how that extra money could help your Chapter and your District? I urge you to revisit your HFI membership at 615-523-3040 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and elect to direct your full donor’s choice back to your chapter and please send a percentage to your district.

Here’s a list of the members that directed a portion of their Harmony Foundation contributions to the District in 2017:

HF doners

Thank you!

In addition the Far Western District was the only District Sponsor for the Youth Festival in Costa Mesa this year. Half of our $10,000 sponsorship came directly from our chapters with the rest from our general funds.

HF chapters

I want to give special recognition to Jay Campbell from the Fullerton Chapter. Jay used a Corporate Matching program to double the large donation from the Chapter.

Thank you for all you do to support Harmony in the Far Western District.

Craig HughesCraig Hughes
Far Western District
Barbershop Harmony Society


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