Oct. 13, 2018 (FRESNO, Calif.) —There was some great singing at the Far Western District Quartet Contest in Fresno. When the results of the semifinals were revealed, and the quartets ranked 11 – 13 were in the 70s, we knew it was going to be an incredible field competing in the finals — and it was!

While there was some shifting of positions between the two rounds, one quartet remained solidly on top, and even increased their lead by 20 points. The Far Western District is pleased to introduce our new champions…

Capitol Ring, 2018 FWD Quartet Champion

Capitol RingCapitol Ring is (L-R): Dallas Halvorson (T), Larry Halvorson (L), Mike Stewart (Bs), Kevin Palmer (Br) Northeast Division - California Delta, Chico, Las Vegas, and Reno chapters.

The Top Five:

  1. Capitol Ring 2791 77.5
  2. Western Addition 2759 76.6
  3. Dynamix 2742 76.2
  4. VOX 2731 75.9
  5. Fourtunate Sons 2727 75.8

Quartet Contest Results:

  • Capitol Ring is the District Quartet Champion.
  • R.I.C.K.S. is the District Seniors Quartet Champion.
  • Velvet Frogs qualifies to represent the Far Western District at the International Seniors Quartet Contest next January.
  • Saucebox is the Novice Quartet Champion.


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