hs anderson brentI want to share this ... Alan Gordon posted it in Facebook. Alan iss not only an incredible musician but a very thoughtful, inspirational and effective communicator. Please watch this and realize how important you are to your fellow barbershop brothers, and by your efforts in making your chapters strong, functional and vital, how important you are to the world by helping to bring music to the world.

Please watch this and if you're like me, you'll have tears streaming down your face as you realize how lucky you are to have music in your life. Share this with whomever you like. As Alan says, Music feeds the soul.

Holy cow, how special is this? You think you don't need music in your life? Really?

Look at these faces…Both the stars you know who you didn't necessarily relate to this song (notice how they appear inspired by the work of a "competitor?"), and also the audience singing along. The folks singing along don't appear to be traditional "musos." They are you and me, moved by music.

It's in the universe. The humming of electrical wires produces a series of sounds that nature reinforces. Overtones. Sympathetic vibrations. We CAN'T avoid them. They must be there for a reason.

I don't care if you sing for a living or into your shampoo bottle in the shower. It all feeds the soul.


- Alan Gordon

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