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Voices in Harmony
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Masters of Harmony
Masters of Harmony
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Sams Club2002 Far Western District Quartet Champion

logo FWD xsmThe Far Western District serves chapters of the Barbershop Harmony Society in the states of Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada and Washington County, Utah. We provide leadership and assistance to our members and chapters, while maintaining our status as an innovative district, in order to perpetuate barbershop harmony and encourage vocal music in our schools and communities. 

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We are pleased to announce that individual and group registrations are available on-line for all upcoming district events, including:

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Westunes is the official eMagazine of the Far Western District.  Current and past issues are available in a number of formats.

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Be a ‘Judge for a Day’!

BSITHHarmony Foundation and the Contest & Judging program are teaming up to auction off a single seat at each and every contest session, including Division, District, Prelims, Mid-Winter and International. So if you’ve ever wanted to test out your judging chops, you can bid on a seat in the Judge’s pit at your District Contest and be a ‘Judge for a Day’.

Register on the BSITH website (click the invitation envelope) and bid for as many contest sessions as you wish, including, of course, our own Far Western District Fall Convention in Mesa.

Winners will sit with the judging panel, will be able to (unofficially) score contestants (pick your category), will discuss the contest afterwards with the judges, and will be able to sit in on the evaluation sessions that follow. They will be afforded the same access and privileges as the official panel.

Bidding ends one week prior to the start of each contest.