The men listed below are retired certified judges and are awarded the title of Judge Emeritus.

Each year the District VP's of Contest & Judging submit nominations for the Judge Emeritus award. This award is not given automatically for time in service, but rather is given for exemplary service to the judging program over a period of years. The Society Contest and Judging Committee reviews the history of the nominees and selects those deserving of the honor. They also ask for input from other judges who have been in the program for some time that can assist with information on each nominee.

Year InductedJudgeCategory
2016 Ron Black Music, Sound, Singing
2014 Chuck Hunter, Sr. Secretary, Contest Administrator
2014 Connie Keil Interpretation, Presentation
2014 Russ Young SInging
2012 Gary Bolles Interpretation, Music
2008 Lou Benedict Stage Presence, Presentation
2010 Greg Lyne Arrangement, Music
2001 Dick Girvin Secretary, Contest Administrator
2000 Joe Palmquist Stage Presence
2000 Ernie Smith Secretary, Contest Administrator
1998 Larry Ajer Presentation
1998 Lou Perry Arrangement
1998 Lloyd Steinkamp Arrangement, Music, Chairman of Judges
1996 Al Mau Sound, Singing
1996 Howard Mesecher Interpretation, Presentation
1995 Andy Dill Secretary, Chairman of Judges
1994 Dave Briner Arrangement
1994 Emmett Bossing Harmony Accuracy, Sound, Chairman of Judges
1994 Jack Hines Stage Presence, Chairman of Judges
1993 Sam Aramian Interpretation, Voice Expression, Chairman of Judges
1993 Lou Laurel Interpretation, Voice Expression
1991 Val Hicks Arrangement
1991 Bill Spooner Stage Presence
1990 Jim Gattey Sound
1990 Elmer Lee Secretary
1988 Loren Bogart Stage Presence
1988 Dayton Clark Sound
1987 Bob Angel Stage Presence
1987 Earl Moon Arrangement
1987 Reedie Wright Harmony Accuracy
1986 Bob Bisio Stage Presence
1986 Lynn Brittan Balance & Blend
1985 Wesley Meier Harmony Accuracy
1985 Bob Oertel Stage Presence, Balance & Blend, Voice Expression
1985 Joe White Arrangement