• Orange Chapter Comedy Quartet Contest

    Orange Chapter Comedy Quartet Contest

    Another year in the books!  Tonight I had the honor of joining Martin Fredstrom and Steve Katz on the judging panel in Fullerton for the COMEDY QUARTET CONTEST. Read More
  • FWD Fall Convention

    FWD Fall Convention

    Early-Bird Discount Registrations for the Far Western District Fall Convention, October 11-14, 2018 in Fresno, California, are available through September 14! Read More
  • Volunteers needed for Fresno

    Volunteers needed for Fresno

    Our hosts from the Fresno Chapter are making all of the preparations necessary make this a smooth-running convention, but they are in need of volunteers to help during the convention. Read More
  • AFWDC Late Show

    AFWDC Late Show

    The Association of Far Western District Champions (AFWDC) presents a spectacular parade of past FWD champion quartets immediately following the Quartet Semifinals at the FWD Fall Convention on Friday, October 12. Read More
  • Your support of Harmony Camp is needed

    Your support of Harmony Camp is needed

    Barbershoppers are incredibly generous men with hearts of pure gold as we have seen down through the years. We continue to need your support for the Harmony Camp. We've created a campaign to raise the funds that are needed to make this year's Harmony Camp a wonderful and inspiring experience for the boys. Please consider making a donation to help this worthwhile cause. Read More
  • Golden Valley Chorus hiring new director

    Golden Valley Chorus hiring new director

    Golden Valley Chorus - Modesto, California The Golden Valley Chorus of Modesto, California is hiring new director   Read More
  • Sun Cities Desert Aires

    Sun Cities Desert Aires seeking new director

    The Desert Aires Men’s A’Cappella Chorus (Barbershop Harmony) is seeking an experienced director who can direct this Arizona A-Plateau Championship Chorus composed of retirees with hundreds of years of barbershopping with choruses from all over the USA. This fine group rehearses on Tuesdays from 12:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. in Sun City. Read More
  • NorCal District Bound Quartet Show

    NorCal District Bound Quartet Show

    Northern California and Nevada quartets who qualified to compete at the Far Western District Contest in Fresno will be featured at the 2nd Annual NorCal District Bound show. Read More
  • Keep Calm and Keep Singing

    Keep Calm and Keep Singing

    On June 19th, the Board of Directors of the Barbershop Harmony Society announced a bold change to our Society’s Bylaws. Effective immediately everyone can join our Society. Everyone includes women. The BHS is now gender neutral. Read More
  • Harmony Foundation

    Harmony Foundation

    Far Western District gives the gift of song Read More
  • Dave Zorn 1944-2018

    Dave Zorn 1944-2018

    Long-time barbershopper, author, and award winning CBS Radio journalist Dave Zorn has joined the Chapter Eternal. A memorial gathering will be held on Saturday, September 29 in Phoenix.   Read More
  • Double Match Challenge

    Double Match Challenge

    Lloyd Steinkamp Endowment Fund for FWD Harmony Camps Double Match Challenge The primary purpose of weekend long Harmony Camps is to introduce a cappella barbershop harmony singing to high school age boys. The Lloyd Steinkamp Endowment Fund for FWD Harmony Camps will provide supplemental financial support, in perpetuity, for FWD Harmony Camps. Read More
  • Sacramento Chapter seeks new director

    Sacramento Chapter seeks new director

    The Sacramento, California Capitolaires are seeking a Musical Director who will embrace our motto, “Where Singing Happens”, and who will be a catalyst in our determination to grow in size and quality. Read More
  • Everyone in Harmony


    A BOLD VISION FOR A BRIGHT FUTURE Back in 1938, the founders of our Society stumbled onto something quite profound: The joy and transformation that comes with four voices singing together. Read More
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