Fall Cruise Update

Your FWD leaders have been working with Donna Hisey on the postponement of the 2020 Contest-at-Sea. The event has been moved to October 2021, with all cancellation and final payment dates amended to February 2021 and July 2021 respectively. Donna’s letter below will give you a better feel for what we are trying to accomplish.

Contest at Sea participant:

Carnival Cruise Line has cancelled the sailing of the FWD Convention at Sea, and the District Board has rescheduled for FRIDAY, October 15 through MONDAY, October 18, 2021. All participants are being moved to the new date.

Many of you were aware that the Board already was working on the postponement due to guidance from the Barbershop Harmony Society and other concerns, but here’s what the official cancellation by Carnival means to you:

  1. No one will see additional charges at this time. When the rebooking process is complete, the new deadline for cancelling your booking for refunds will be Feb. 14, 2021, and the final-payment deadline will be in July 2021.
  2. Carnival is bringing a more modern ship to Long Beach, which means more stateroom, dining and entertainment options. That ship is undergoing improvements as of today.
  3. Carnival is giving $300 on-board credit, per cabin, to those who remain booked for 2021. Those who cancel but then want to re-book will not get OBC and may pay more.
  4. It is still a good idea for anyone who thinks they may want to participate in the 2021 event to book ASAP, because there may be new capacity limits or other restrictions. It’s a new opportunity for Barbershoppers to dominate the ship!

Please note: The transition to a new ship and date is still going to take some time. There will be questions about stateroom assignments, and I will be addressing those with each person as needed. Unless there is an emergency, please hold questions until we can share specific information. Remember, there is no risk waiting until February, when new safety and sanitation protocols will be evident. We will be sharing details when they are approved by the CDC.

Donna Hisey
Cruise & Travel Advisor

So now you know what we know. There are other Districts looking at what the FWD is proposing and deciding if their Districts might do the same thing on the east coast or even on the Mississippi river. Again, the FWD is leading the way. Please let Donna get all the cabins transferred to 2021, at which point she will be able to answer any questions regarding our postponed Cruise and handle your requests in a professional manner.

Bill Rosica
FWD President

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