Since 1992 Far Western District Conventions have been dedicated to worthy men of the district for their past accomplishments. It is the duty and honor of the FWD Awards Committee to select the honoree, which must be approved by the District Board of Administration.

Listed below are the past Convention Honorees and the year in which they were honored.

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2024  Gary Bolles  
2023  Melany Schmidt Callagher  Howard Donley
2022    John Krizek
2019  Chris Hebert  David Melville
2018  Justin Miller  Dave Briner
2017  Ray Rhymer  John & Larry Gassman
2016  Steve Sammonds  Bill Rosica
2015  Bill Kane  Jim Turnmire
2014  Gene Clements  John Jones
2013  Bruce Sellnow  Ron Hayes
2012  Joe Palmquist  Mark Freedkin
2011  Jim Sherman  Jim Warner
2010  Sam Barger  Fritz Grunenwald
2009  Keith Eckhardt  Richard Lund
2008  Nick Papageorge  Jim Holder
2007  Bill Legg  Terry Aramian
2006  Roger Perkins  Thermalaires
2005  Doug Maddox  Pete Neushul
2004  Stan French  Gene Hartzler
2003  Howard Mesecher  Bill Joor
2002  Dr. Val Hicks  Sam Aramian
2001  Floyd (Blackie) Blackwell  The Sidewinders
2000  Barrie Best  The Gala-Lads
1999  Chuck Hunter  Eliot "El" Wirt
1998  Neal Sisson  Lloyd Steinkamp
1997 Bob Wilke  Dick Girvin
1996 Emmett Bossing Earl Moon
1995 Wes Meier Lou Laurel
1994 Andy Dill None
1993  Dave Stevens Jack Hines
1992 Reedie Wright Joe Trousdale