Harmony Camp 2023 will be Friday, Oct. 21 to Saturday, Oct. 21
at the Sly Park Educational Center, 5600 Sly Park Road, Pollock Pines, CA

Dean Gabe CarettoDean Gabe Caretto

Harmony Camp 2023 will be Friday October 20 to Saturday October 21, ending with our Friends and Family Show at 6:00 pm Saturday.

Harmony Camp 2023 will feature Vocalocity along with Dean Gabe Caretto. We are looking forward to welcoming 75 plus young men this year at Harmony Camp in Pollock Pines.

Vocalocity joins us from Arizona and is the 2018 Far Western District champion quartet. With the high powered Vocalocity quartet and clinicians Gabe Caretto and Keith Harris and 75 young men coming together for a weekend of barbershop harmony, magic truly happens. At Harmony Camp the focus is on fundamentals: the fundamentals of vocal singing, proper breathing, and basic posture. During the weekend, the boys experience the wonderful world of barbershop harmony with ringing chords and lots of barbershop seventh chords. At Harmony Camp the focus is on teaching and performing and emphasizing All the arts (not just barbershop) and not just on achieving that “first place” or that “gold medal”. The philosophical underpinnings of Harmony Camp are exhibit #1 for this kind of approach. We believe it is important to expose the boys to the best talent in the world of barbershop, so our quartet alumni include gold medal champions such as OC Times, Vocal Spectrum Storm Front, Instant Classic, After Hours, and 2023 International Champions MidTown.

 “Dean” Gabe Caretto having fun with a “selfie” of him and the boys chorus. “Dean” Gabe Caretto having fun with a “selfie” of him and the boys chorus.

We also feature two top clinicians in order to show the boys two different approaches to teaching, directing, and motivating singers on the risers to give their best in singing the songs they have just learned for the weekend.  These two clinicians bring some seventy years of barbershop experience and teaching to the weekend for your boys to be immersed in their wisdom.

Practicing one of the group moves for the show on Sunday. One of the rare “choreo” moves incorporated for the show.Practicing one of the group moves for the show on Sunday. One of the rare “choreo” moves incorporated for the show.

Although we present a one-hour show Saturday evening, preparation for the show is secondary.  Our main emphasis is on singing, teaching, and having fun.  The show is a way for the boys to show off what they have learned for their friends and family.  The weekend creates new friends, new passion for singing and lots of new experiences with the fun of barbershop culture.  We often refer to the weekend as an intensive immersion into barbershop harmony and barbershop culture.  We liken it to being “hot dipped” in barbershop!

It truly is a magical weekend. Why not join us!

Richard Lund
FWD Harmony Camp Director


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