From the Far Western District Standard Operating Procedures

Plateau Champions

The following score-based plateau titles will be awarded to choruses competing in the divisional contests. The average score of the two most recent appearances in any of the three past Fall District Chorus Contests will determine the plateau placement as follows:

  • Plateau AAA: Average triple panel score of 1278 (71%) or higher, or any chorus returning to competition after winning the International Chorus Championship. Choruses with an average score less than 1278 may voluntarily place themselves into this plateau.
  • Plateau AA; Average triple panel score from 1098 (61%) through 1277 (70.94%) . Choruses scoring less than 1098 may voluntarily place themselves into this plateau.
  • Plateau A: Choruses that have not competed in any of the three most recent Fall District Chorus Contests or have an average triple panel score of less than 1098 (61%), with the exception of any chorus returning to competition after winning the International Chorus Championship.

A chapter may petition the District C&J Committee for plateau reassignment due to significant changes in the chapter. Permission to move to a lower plateau is at the sole discretion of the District C&J Committee. Administration of the plateau assignments will be handled by a coordinator appointed by the District C&J Chairman.

2015 Chorus Plateaus

Changes from 2014 are indicated in RED.

Chapter Division Plateau
Aloha Southwest A
Apple Valley Southeast A
Bakersfield Southwest A
Bay Area Northwest AAA
Brea Southeast AAA
California Delta Northeast AAA
Canada Del Oro Arizona A
Carson City Northeast A
Casa Grande Arizona A
Central California Northeast AA
Chico Northeast A
Coachella Valley Southeast A
Conejo Valley Southwest A
Crescenta Valley Southwest A
Davis-Vacaville Northeast A
El Cajon Southeast A
Elko Northeast A
Eureka Northwest A
Folsom Northeast A
Fremont-Hayward Northwest A
Fresno Northeast AA
Fullerton Southeast AA
Greater Phoenix Arizona AAA
Hemet Southeast A
Inland Empire Southeast A
Laguna Hills Southeast A
LaJolla Southeast AAA
Las Vegas Southeast AAA
Lompoc Southwest A
Long Beach Southwest A
Los Angeles Southwest A
Marin Northwest A
Mesa Arizona A
Monterey Peninsula Northwest A
Napa Valley Northwest A
Nevada-Placer Northeast A
Palo Alto-Mountain View Northwest AA
Palomar Pacific Southeast A
Pasadena Southwest AA
Placerville Northeast A
Prescott Arizona A
Redding Northeast A
Reno Northeast AA
Rincon Beach Southwest AAA
Riverside Southeast AA
Sacramento Northeast A
San Diego Southeast AA
San Fernando Valley Southwest AA
San Francisco Northwest A
San Luis Obispo Southwest A
San Mateo County Northwest A
Santa Barbara Southwest A
Santa Clarita Southwest A
Santa Cruz Northwest A
Santa Fe Springs Southwest AAA
Santa Maria Southwest A
Santa Monica Southwest AA
Santa Rosa Northwest AA
Sedona Arizona A
South Bay Southwest AA
South Orange County Southeast AA
St. George Southeast A
Stockton Northeast A
Sun Cities Arizona A
Temecula Southeast A
Tucson Arizona AA
Ventura Southwest A
Visalia Northeast A
Walnut Creek Northwest A
Westminster Southeast AAA
White Mountains Arizona A
Whittier Southwest A
Yuma Arizona A

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