2018-2019 Craig Hughes San Diego/La Jolla/Santa Fe Springs Active
2016-2017 Gordon "Mongo" Bergthold Chico/Greater Phoenix Active
2014-2015 Allan Webb Santa Fe Springs/El Cajon Active
2012-2013 Russ Young Mesa Active
2010-2011 Bernard Priceman Santa Fe Springs Active
2008-2009 Bob Lally Santa Fe Springs/Rincon Beach Active
2006-2007 Bill Cale Stockton Active
2004-2005 Peter Feeney Las Vegas Metro Active
2002-2003 John Krizek Santa Fe Springs Active
2000-2001 Deane Scoville Fullerton Deceased
1998-1999 Carl Truman Las Vegas Metro Deceased
1996-1997 Bob House San Diego Active
1994-1995 Don Gubbins Placerville Deceased
1992-1993 Dick Girvin Hemet Deceased
1990-1991 Lloyd Steinkamp Phoenix Saguaro Deceased
1988-1989 Chuck Hunter San Jose Active
1986-1987 Terry Aramian Palomar-Pacific/Phoenix Saguaro Active
1984-1985 Sam Barger Reno Active
1983 Don McAvoy Palomar-Pacific Deceased
1980-1982 Fred Koch Tucson Sunshine Deceased
1978-1980 Beryl Caron South Bay Deceased
1976-1978 Andy Dill Vacaville Deceased
1976 Bill Park South Bay Deceased
1975 Jack Hines Foothill Cities Deceased
1974 John Currin San Fernando/Conejo Inactive
1972-1973 Gil Jacobs Whittier Deceased
1970-1971 Lynn Brittan Sacramento Deceased
1968-1969 Sam Aramian Phoenix Saguaro Deceased
1966-1967 William Bennett Sacramento/Placer Deceased
1964-1965 Don Galvin South Bay Deceased
1963 Wesley Meier San Diego Deceased
1962-1963 Barrie Best San Gabriel Deceased
1960-1961 Wesley Meier San Diego Deceased
1959-1960 George Dohn Berkeley/Sacramento Deceased
1958-1959 James Arnold Pasadena Inactive
1957-1958 Joe Trousdale Sacramento Deceased
1956-1957 Bill Perry San Diego Deceased
1955-1956 George Dohn Paradise Valley Deceased
1955 Howard Cooper Whittier Deceased
1953-1954 James Clarke San Jose Deceased
1952-1953 R. N. Schenck San Gabriel Deceased
1951-1952 Reedie Wright Pasadena Deceased
1949-1951 Dayton Colville Reno Inactive
1948-1949 J.O. Blethen San Diego Deceased
1947-1948 Jack Hare San Francisco Deceased
1946-1947 Russ Stanton San Gabriel Deceased

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